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Uranus is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the Airbnb and Uber for computing resources, enabling computing-power services beyond the conventional public clouds. By interconnecting countless computing resource contributors and users, the Uranus project empower redundant resources in the world. Establishing an expandable public blockchain and an innovative distributed-container technology that provides efficient, cost-effective and decentralized computing services for all users.

Short Term Investment

Negative: ICO market is not in a good condition right now. %98 of ICOs are failed in 2018. We are not seeing any reason for Uranus ICO to be successful in the short term.

Long Term Investment

Negative: High market competition is making it difficult to be successfull in the cloud computing market. In the long run Uranus will need to overcome several competitors.

7 Total Score

  • Strong team from a technical perspective with expertise in open source technology, cloud computing, containers, virtualization and blockchain technology.
  • Cloud Computing market is rapidly growing.
  • There is a lot of competition going on in the cloud computing.
  • Several projects are already leading in this field, such as Golem, Somn, GridCoin, iExec and Sparc.
  • No MVP
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