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We make AI & robotics development faster, cheaper & easier

Open innovation platform to enable and incentivize collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization of advanced technologies.

Short Term Investment

Negative: Due to the ICO market condition, it is not easy to be successful right now. Therefore we are negative for the short term.

Long Term Investment

Neutral: Kambria has an huge potential in the long run however it is still risky because of the business. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is still in an early stage and most people still does not understand the business well. We believe it is better to watch the project’s development in the long run.

7.3 Total Score

  • OhmniLabs, the company behind Kambria, is already working with various established companies.
  • Press & Media Coverage Looks Very Good.
  • Solid Team
  • Not a populer business to invest right now
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    • No Team Information.
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